Bathroom Cleaners

27 Items

27 Items

Getting a bathroom clean is a tough job, no matter who you are. However, having the right professional bathroom cleaning products for the task does make things a little easier. At Warehouse 115, we have a large selection of bulk bathroom cleaning products, so you can get more supplies at lower cost. Our cleaning products are great for bathrooms in schools, offices, households, public buildings, businesses, hotels, and even home owners looking to get their bathrooms as clean as possible while saving more on sanitizers and supplies.

Great Cleaning Products at Low Cost

We have bulk cleaning products from brands you can trust like Soft Scrub, Tilex, Zep, Arm & Hammer, Ajax, Clorox, CLR, Comet, Lysol, and much more. We understand that bathrooms have a variety of surfaces that require different types of cleaners, and we stock both general and specialized cleaners for your convenience.

For showers, we have soap scum remover, and for toilets, urinals, and other applications we have effective urine removers, toilet bowl cleaners, and deodorizing cleansers. Our mildew removers are great for moist environments, and we also have general disinfectants, all-purpose bathroom cleaners, and foaming cleaners in various scents. We even have spray bottles and refills to make cleaning a breeze.

Have Any Questions?

Warehouse 115 is here to provide you with the professional bathroom cleaning products you need at low, wholesale prices. Thanks to our network of nationwide distribution centers, we can get your supplies to you fast. Many of our orders ship within 2 to 3 days. Browse our selection of cleaners and order what you need today.

Do you have any questions about our products? You can reach our customer service experts at 678-961-4606. We’re also available by email at