Sponges & Scrubbers

38 Items

38 Items

Soap, water, and disinfectant are usually effective for most cleaning tasks, but for those tougher jobs, you can’t go wrong with a scrubber. Warehouse 115 has an assortment of cleaning scrubbers and sponges that can tackle grease and grime easily. Many of our cleaning products are available in bulk, and make for great assets in households, restaurant kitchens, offices, janitorial departments, hotels, hospitals, and more.

Get Clean!

We have some of the toughest commercial scrubbers from leading manufacturers like Swiffer, Unger, 3M, Boardwalk, Brillo, GMT, Mr. Clean, O-Cedar, S.O.S., Scotch-Brite, and other trusted brands.

Whatever your cleaning needs, we have a scrubber that can help you. Choose from Brillo soap pads, steel wool hand pads, steel sponges, eraser pads, pumice sticks, or even griddle screens, grill bricks, Swiffer cloths, and much more! You can save money on your sponges and scrubber products by buying your supplies in bulk. You’ll save more with lower costs while stocking up on a sizeable supply of cleaning products when you really need them.

Any Questions?

Don’t spend more money on your cleaning supplies than you need to. At Warehouse 115, we have all the cleaning scrubbers you could ever need at unbeatable prices. Our distribution centers are all over the country, and we can even ship most orders within 2 to 3 days, so you’ll never get stuck waiting for your supplies. Check out our selection of commercial scrubbers and sponges and order yours today.

If you have any questions about our products, please give us a call at 678-961-4606 or send us an email at hi@warehouse115.com. Our customer service team is standing by.