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21 Items

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Most people consider the kitchen the heart of establishment or home. But without the right cleaning products, that “heart” can stop looking so lovely. Thankfully, there is a way to keep your kitchen sparkling clean -- and keep those cleaning supplies handy.

The next time your oven, dishes, or countertop is coated with grease, why not order some bulk degreasers from Warehouse 115. These cleansing products will make your kitchen look just as good as new, and you’ll save some money, too!

Low Prices on Degreasing Cleaners

At Warehouse 115, we carry a wide variety of bulk degreasers from quality brands you already trust for cleaning your home, restaurant or workplace. We have bulk quantities of Clorox, 409, Simple Green, and more! These products cut through grease with ease, leaving you with a beautiful, clean home or facility.

Our bulk-sized degreasing cleaners are great for any restaurant, office kitchen, school cafeteria, or for personal use at home. Whatever you’re buying these cleaning supplies for, you’ll be sure to save more money when you buy wholesale from Warehouse 115!

Want to Learn More?

At Warehouse 115, we know how important it is to have a clean home or office. That’s why we provide you with the best cleaners (and lots of them, too). With these products, grease will be gone for good.

Not sure which bulk degreaser will be best for you? Do you have questions about any of our other products? We’re here to help you! Email to or call 678-961-4606. We’ll answer all your questions right away.