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21 Items

Are you looking to keep your workplace or facility fresh and fragrant? If you’re looking for commercial air fresheners that require little to no effort to use, we have convenient wall mounted air freshener dispensers and metered air fresheners that can give you regular, controlled bursts of fragrant scents. Designed for restrooms, nurseries, hospitals, and even busy households, our air fresheners offer great solutions that keep any indoor space odor-free with minimal work. We also have metered air freshener refills in bulk, so you can stock up on the odor-control products you need at a low cost.

Your Favorite Scents

We carry all of your favorite name brands like Air Wick, Bolt, Misty, Rubbermaid, TC, and TimeMist, and their quality products include both dispensers and refills. With metered air fresheners and wall mounted dispensers, all you have to do is attach your favorite fragrance and let it do its job. Our wall dispensers will release a small amount of air freshener regularly, keeping a space odor-free and smelling great.

We carry a huge selection of scents like lemon peel, summer breeze, mandarin orange, alpine spring, linen fresh, cinnamon, mango, and much more. Our air freshener refills come in bulk packages, saving you in costs and keeping you well-stocked.

Any Questions?

At Warehouse 115, we have the wall mounted air freshener dispensers and metered air freshener refills you need at the lowest prices online. And because we’re focused on serving our customers nationwide, many of our shipments are delivered in as fast as 2 to 3 days. Browse our selection and order what you need today.

If you have any questions about our products, don’t hesitate to call us at 678-961-4606 or send us an email at hi@warehouse115.com. We’ll be happy to hear from you!