Lime Removers

4 Items

4 Items

At Warehouse 115, we have a wide variety of professional-grade calcium, lime and rust removers that you can use to keep your home or business in tip-top shape. When you are looking for a reliable product that can tackle tough calcium and lime deposits or remove hard water stains from glasses you can find it in our inventory.We also have calcium and lime removers that eliminate surface rust from stainless steel appliances, all available at wholesale prices.

Multi-Purpose, Multi-Surface

We feature calcium and lime removers that effectively dissolve mineral deposits, hard-water stains, soap scum and surface rust without the use of dangerous acids and chemicals. Because of this, you can use our hard-working, multi-use cleansers on a wide range of surfaces without worry. Blast away that stubborn buildup around your bathtub, showerhead, and faucets, give your metal surfaces back their original shine, and eliminate grime on tile, glass, fiberglass, laminates and more, all with our multi-purpose, multi-surface cleansers.

Buy Bulk & Save

When you buy our calcium or lime removers in bulk, you can take advantage of our low unit prices, lightning-fast delivery speed, and reliable product selection. Our calcium, lime and rust removers are ideal for both industry and residential use, and we even carry products that are safe for use in foodservice areas from commercial kitchens to cafeterias. Browse our full selection today to find the perfect cleaning products for your needs and your budget.

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