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3 Items

If you run a busy restaurant or eatery, cleaning up can be a challenge without the right supplies to get the job done. To keep your kitchen operating efficiently, it pays to invest in quality warewashing supplies that help make clean-up easy, whether you’re at the height of a lunch or dinner rush, or you’re prepping for the next day.

Soak, Scrub, and Store

At Warehouse 115, we carry warewashing supplies from Rubbermaid, a brand that’s known for producing high-quality kitchen equipment and accessories. Rubbermaid’s professional-grade bus/utility boxes can hold up to 7 gallons of plates or waste. Most importantly, these boxes serve a dual purpose. Your busboy can use the boxes to clear tables during the day, and your kitchen staff can use them to soak those platters and pans at night. We have a variety of styles to choose from, from large, open bins for large plates and platters to segmented bins that are perfect for silverware. Save money and valuable storage space with one great purchase!

Service You Can Count On

At Warehouse 115, we pride ourselves on providing wholesale goods to businesses and communities across the country. Our orders are processed promptly, our delivery time is a matter of days, and our customers are always treated to a superior customer service experience.

Are you ready to save more on supplies and equipment for your restaurant or business? Warehouse 115 has distribution centers all across the country, ready to fulfill your order, and our customer support team is here for you. Just call us at (678) 961-4606 or send an email to hi@warehouse115.com and our team will be happy to help. Whether you’re buying warewashing supplies or kitchen equipment, Warehouse 115 is the solution for all of your kitchen’s needs.