76 items

76 items

If you’re going to run a restaurant, there are a lot of supplies you will need. You need pitchers, cutlery, food pans - not to mention all the food! Warehouse 115 wants to help you keep your restaurant running smoothly, and that is why we offer wholesale restaurant supplies in our online store.

Be Ready For Anything

As a business owner, you need to be ready for anything. And as a restaurant owner, being ready for anything means having smallwares on-hand to keep your kitchen running smoothly. Make sure your kitchen is clean and efficient with enough pans and covers that keep food and other ingredients organized. To make cleaning easier, we also have a selection of commercial warewashing supplies to help with dish-washing at the end of a busy night.

Your Business is Our Business

At Warehouse 115, we specialize in huge products and huge savings. That means that you can keep your kitchen and restaurant well-stocked and organized while keeping overhead costs low. With our fast shipping, we work with leading companies like FedEx and UPS to ensure that your order reaches you quickly and efficiently.

Visit Warehouse 115 for your next purchase of wholesale restaurant supplies. We have distribution centers all across the country, ready to fulfill your order, and our customer support team is here for you. Contact us at (678) 961-4606 or reach us online at if you have any questions.