Professional Cutlery

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1 Item

The right cutlery can make a world of difference to a cook. This is true for restaurant chefs and backyard grill masters alike. That’s why we provide the best commercial cutlery to our customers. You will be able to slice and dice any cut of meat with high-quality knives because we only provide quality cutlery from brands you can trust.

Cook and Parer Knives

For your typical meal, you want a nice, sturdy knife, like our 10-inch cook’s knife. The high-carbon steel blade is individually honed for excellent cutting ability, while the polypropylene handle is easy to clean and won’t slip from your hands, giving you more confidence in the kitchen. When you need to work up close and personal, we also offer a paring knife from this same collection. With high quality commercial cutlery at your side, you’ll be able to tackle any challenge in the kitchen with ease.


How often do you find yourself scrambling to find something to open boxes? Maybe you’ve received a new shipment of produce for your restaurant or a new delivery of non-perishables you ordered online. Whatever your needs in the kitchen may be, it is always frustrating when you can’t open a package quickly and easily. With our commercial cutlery, you’ll never have to worry about that. Pick up a Klever Kutter razor blade and you’ll be prepared for whatever comes in the mail - and best of all, this razor won’t damage the product inside.

What kind of cutlery are you looking for today? Browse our selection for the best values on professional knives and more. Any questions or comments? Our customer support team is here to help you. Just call us at (678) 961-4606 or send an email to and our team will be happy to help. At Warehouse 115, we aim to be your one-stop-shop for wholesale goods, professional supplies, and more.