Savor Mushroom Stems & Pieces #10

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  • Whip up a silky smooth mushroom puree drizzled atop a seared steak, or toss some flavorful chunks of mushrooms onto your patron's favorite pizza - whatever the occasion, these mushroom stems and pieces make the perfect accompaniment to each and every classic dish!
  • Conveniently pre-sliced, these canned mushroom stems and pieces are the perfect solution for eliminating hours of kitchen prep work without sacrificing that homemade taste your customers know and love.
  • These nutrient rich sliced mushrooms offer big flavor while being naturally low in fat and calories.
  • Prepare healthy menu offerings and saute them with fresh, crisp veggies for a homemade stir fry. Enhance a savory marsala sauce or let them simmer in a creamy mushroom soup. Add these mushroom pieces to a tender, juicy pot roast or a rich stuffed chicken breast.
  • The canning process ensures that these mushroom pieces preserve their texture and freshness.
  • Includes six - # 10 cans per box. 
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