Table Skirts

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2 Items

When you are serving food at an event and need something to tie in with your tables and party decorations, disposable table skirts are one of the most effective and affordable ways to do just that. This allows you to use cost-effective foldable table skirts without sacrificing style. Our table skirts slip right on and they look great for any party. Table skirts are also a great way to create additional storage space under your tables, allowing you to conceal extra supplies or materials underneath with no problem.

If you need a large supply of table skirts, we recommend you shop our supply of wholesale selection. Buying your party supplies in bulk lets you cut down on costs while eliminating a large amount of packaging waste.

A Varied Selection For All Occasions

We have a variety of skirts to choose from based on the size and shape of the table you’re working with. Depending on your table’s dimensions, we carry table skirts that fit both rectangular and circular tables, available in different sizes. A majority of our selection consists of solid plastic table skirts that come in colors like blue, red, coral, green, brown, pink, black, burgundy, white, yellow, silver, and orange. However, we also stock fun plastic fringe table skirts, as well as pleated airlaid tissue skirts.

All of our skirts come in 6-count packages, which gives you the opportunity to stock up on what you need at low cost.

Shipments You Can Depend On

Do you need your disposable table skirts fast? We can help! Warehouse 115 has distribution centers all over the country, which allows us to serve our customers with 2 to 3 day shipping times and reliable orders. We’re here to keep you stocked at low prices.

Do you have any questions about our products or services? Feel free to contact our team at 678-961-4606 or send us an email at Shop our inventory and order your table skirts and party supplies today.