French's Squeeze Yellow Mustard 14oz

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  • This American staple is a classic yellow mustard that is fit for your best beef hot dog or Bavarian gourmet hot pretzel. Mustard is a common name for an entire family and genus of herbal plants. Common mustard plants are candytuft, alyssum, watercress and radish. In fact, more than 100 plant species are included in the mustard genus - from broccoli to cauliflower to cabbage and Brussels sprouts, the weed-like plants grow across northern and other temperate climate regions. Plants are dried and then ground, and then made into paste to create the item that we have become most familiar with. According to a National Hot Dog and Sausage Council survey of Americans who eat hot dogs, 71% add mustard to their hot dog, 52% add ketchup, 47% add onions, 45% add chili and 41% add relish.
  • Includes 16 - 14 oz squeeze bottles.
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