Air Movers

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1 Item

At Warehouse 115, we have a great selection of powerful air movers and carpet dryers. These drying units are essential assets for building restoration specialists, contractors, and janitorial departments, as they can be used to quickly dry floors, carpets, and even walls. They’re also necessary for carpet cleaning professionals and provide much faster drying action than traditional dryers.

The Equipment You Need

For your convenience, we have several types of air mover units from trusted companies like Electrolux and Mercury Floor Machines, so you can find the carpet dryer that suits your needs. Our Electrolux Sanitaire 2900 CFM dryer features a built-on dolly for easy transport, and we have a 3800 CFM unit for more power. These carpet dryers feature 3 speeds, quiet 70dB operation, and stackable designs for easy storage.

We also have ultra-portable and light Electrolux Sanitaire Precision models which offer 3400 FPM of air power in a compact package, which is half the weight of a traditional dryer, and extremely efficient Mercury Floor Machine dryers that dry carpets and floors three times faster.

Also, if you need replaceable vacuum filters, we carry Janitized replacement filters in bulk packages, so you can save money and stock up on the supplies you need.

Any Questions?

Banish moisture in your carpets, floors, and walls with our incredible air movers and carpet dryers, available to you at wholesale prices. Warehouse 115 is here to get you the cleaning supplies you need fast, and our national distribution centers allow us to ship items within 2 to 3 days, depending on your order. Order your dryers and vacuum filters today.

Do you have any questions for our team? Give us a call at 678-961-4606 or send us an email at and we’ll be happy to help!