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2 Items

Our selection of TC Autoflush systems will ensure that your toilets flush automatically, which promotes good hygiene and keeps sanitation efforts easy for your team. These automatic flushing systems are ideal for office administrations, restaurant owners, entertainment and sports complex owners, public administrators, and other facility managers who want to keep their restrooms clean.

Innovative Systems

We carry the TC Autoflush systems, which are provided to you by Rubbermaid, a reliable manufacturer that is trusted by businesses and individuals all over the nation. We offer wholesale prices on our Rubbermaid selection, so you can save money on the hygiene system you need.

Our inventory includes clamp-on and side-mount systems for your convenience, and we also have units that include manual flush buttons. Each unit features Smart Object infrared technology and specifically-angled sensors to ensure reliable operation. These units operate on 4 C batteries, which allows for 3 years of operation, or 100,000 flushes.

Any Questions?

Warehouse 115 is here to provide you with the TC Autoflush systems you need at low prices, and we strive to provide fast deliveries. Thanks to our national coverage of distribution centers, we can ship many orders within 2 to 3 days. Browse our selection and order the auto flush systems you need for your facility today.

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