6 Items

6 Items

Whether you need to sanitize doorknobs, countertops, steering wheels, or electronic devices, all-purpose wipes offer the easiest and most economical solutions to keep things germ-free.

During flu or allergy seasons, germs can spread pretty quickly. Stop germs in their tracks with some great antibacterial wipes. Buy in bulk from Warehouse 115, and yourself, your family, and your business will be more safe from germs all year long.

Save More: Buy Wipes in Bulk

Our selection of all-purpose wipes is perfect for gym owners, teachers, or savvy shoppers looking to keep their homes or businesses clean. We have antibacterial wipes from quality brands like Clorox and Dymon, so you can be certain that your space is really getting clean.

Warehouse 115 offers our customers bulk quantities at wholesale pricing. Not only will our wipes keep you healthy and germ-free, you’ll be saving money with each order.

Any Questions?

Make sure your family, your friends, and your customers (if you’re a business owner) stay healthy and happy all year round with bulk wipes from Warehouse 115. Ordering online is fast and easy, and we’ll deliver your product promptly every time. In fact, many of our orders ship within 2 to 3 days

Do you have a question for our team? Our customer service team will be happy to help you! Just call 678-961-4606 or email hi@warehouse115.com today.