85 items

85 items

Your health is in your hands! Stack up, snack up, and shape up – is our motto! Fuel up your body the right way with our dietetic foods that will fill you up with the right amount of protein and other necessary supplements you need to keep your body fit and performing well. Many of these products are low in calories and sugar-free. Our meal replacement items can help you eat and drink right, lose or maintain weight, and leave you feeling better overall.

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Going to the grocery store for your dietetic food supplies is a waste of time and valuable money. We, at, keep our warehouses fully stocked with a premium quality selection of wholesale dietetic food supplies from the most reputable brands. Shop online at and get healthy food options at a pocket-friendly price!

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Warehouse 115 has made ordering wholesale food supplies online easier than ever before. Enjoy a huge variety of products from the most trusted brands globally, unparalleled customer service, and doorstep delivery (usually 5 – 7 business days). If you have any questions about our dietetic food supplies, feel free to connect with us via email at or feel free to call (678) 961-4606 (M-F 7:00am -7:00pm EST). Shop smart at Warehouse 115.